Introducing the Rotary! The Best Workflow Management Program.

  • Thursday, 16th July, 2020
  • 11:08am

What is RestoMetrix™ Rotary really, and what makes it the Best Working Shifts Management tool?

Put it simply, if you are looking for a great Working Shifts Management Program that is User-friendly with automatic employees’ details installation and Staff Cost control, then The RestoMetrix™ Rotary is a great solution for you.

For the 2020 edition, we have added some new features along with the already well known RestoMetrix™ Rotary characteristics.

This gives our customers an easy way to organize their employees’ schedules according to their needs and their sales forecasts.

The working shifts list is one of the most critical tasks of your business.

There are many parameters you need to keep in mind to make the schedule fair for the employees, but at the same time efficient and profitable for your restaurant.

Through our years of experience, the RestoMetrix Team presents you with the 2020 edition, the updated Rotary.

It’s built with the focus on the necessary automated functions and tools in order to make your working life easier and more efficient.

All the editions of the RestoMetrix™ Management Programs, the EssentialsProfessional, and Premium, includes the Rotary and its features.

With the Rotary you will always have the right number of people in the right position



We make sure that we offer you all that you need to win time and money because you will:

  • Reduce the time you spent on planning and the payroll calculation.
  • Avoid unnecessary working hours and the costs that arise when the shift work plans are made to comply with your economic targets.
  • Enhance customer service when you have the right number of people at work at the right time.


User-friendly workflow management program

After hundreds of hours of user analysis, we have transformed the RestoMetrix™ Rotary Working Shifts Management Program into the minimum user-effort tool.

With modern design and automated functions, it can be easily used by everyone, even those who are not masters in computers.

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